8 Things You to Know About New Home Warranties

What is the Standard Warranty on a New Home?

A home warranty is a service contract covering the expenses connected to repairing or replacing covered items at your property. That includes major kitchen appliances along with air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical equipment. When it comes to your doors, windows, or anything involving the structure of a home, that is not included. This also does not act as an insurance policy. 

Do you Need a Home Warranty on a New Construction Home?

If you are buying a newly built property, your builder will give you some type of warranty on the home for their work and things such as heating, plumbing, and electrical systems that will last around twelve to twenty-four months. However, new does not always mean that the quality may be without any errors and there are some common issues with new homes. A new construction home warranty is an additional safety net. 

What are Common Problems with New Homes?


 Most often, the problems with new homes are defective materials, cracked fixtures, creaking floors or cracking drywalls, or plumbing defects. A final inspection does not mean those issues will not be there or arise at a later time. That brings us to the next point, a new home warranty is a good idea because of what you cannot see. To stay on the safe side with a new construction home, a new home warranty is suggested. 

What is the Difference Between an Insurance Policy and a Home Warranty?

Insurance covers damages and loss caused by fire, weather, and vandalism from a beak in or burglary. A new home warranty would cover replacing or fixing certain appliances and systems in the home. 

Shop Around

It is a good idea that when you are deciding on a new home warranty to get a few quotes and coverage options from reputable home warranty companies. You can ask your builder or realtor for recommendations as well for your new construction home warranty. Your friends and family may also have new home warranty recommendations. 

Know Your Rights

Equip yourself with a new home warranty and also be sure to look at the rights in your state for a new construction home and a new construction home warranty. There may be certain guidelines and protections in place for you. If you find an issue with the builder, Georgia law looks at your particular situation case by case to determine negligent construction or fraud. 

Read and Ask Questions

Take your time with understanding a new home warranty and how that may come in handy if something occurs or stops working. Understanding what is or will not be covered will make any repairs easier or cut down on confusion so you can spend more time enjoying your new home. 


When factoring in your budget what a new home warranty will cost you, plan on spending between a few hundred dollars to around six hundred dollars per year. If you decide to cover more parts and appliances in your home, then, of course, it will become pricier. Also, factor in service calls, which can cost you around one hundred dollars based on what provider you pick and your contract type.