Brock Built Cozy Outdoor Living Areas

As the days get shorter, you may discover you want to squeeze the most daylight out of each day. Fall is the perfect season for outdoor fun, even if there is a slight chill in the air. All you need is a comfortable outdoor living area. Luckily, our Brock Built homes feature some amazing outdoor space that will keep the party going through the cooler months. Find out how you can make the most of your Brock Built cozy outdoor living areas this autumn.

Welcome Autumn Into Your Home

Some Brock Built floor plans have wonderful walkout porches and decks to conveniently enjoy. The above (left) Fairmont plan in West Town is a prime example of easily opening your porch doors to welcome in the autumn air. With brilliant natural light in your home and fresh, cool air, you’ll be inspired to enjoy all the gatherings fall brings. With a couple of rocking chairs, you can take your guests from the living room to a cozy outdoor conversation like the home in Mangêt above (right). A wraparound porch in West Highlands

Stretch Out On The Porch

Wrap up in a blanket and gather on your iconic southern wraparound porch. A space dedicated to covered relaxation, like the one pictured above in West Highlands, provides seemingly endless opportunity to relax. Need fall porch decor tips to fill it up? The key to an inviting porch is personalized, seasonal and comfortable furniture. Single seats, small tables, rocking chairs, and outdoor couches to relax on are essential. Additionally, adding throw pillows and blankets will allow guests to make their own cozy adjustments as they like. Music will add to the relaxing atmosphere, so consider getting an outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

Warm Up On The Patio

Some Brock Built homes, like the left pictured in Westside Station, include outdoor fireplaces. A fire feature is a great way to extend the use of your outdoor spaces well into the colder months. A nook right outside your living room with a fireplace, as seen above at Adams Vineyard, offers warmed evenings with a book or chat. If your Brock Built home doesn’t have an outdoor fireplace, many of the community mews feature fire pits and Adirondack chairs to gather around. Alternatively, a free-standing fire pit can add warmth and functionality to your yard or uncovered patio. Whether you’re roasting S’mores or just sitting around the fire, it will keep the outdoors cozy no matter the temperature.

Take It To Another Level

Many Brock Built cozy outdoor living areas are offered on multiple stories. Whether you want to rest on the ground floor near the kitchen for evening snacks or enjoy your master bedroom porch before bed, you can take your pick with Brock Built homes!

Make Your Outdoor Spaces Even Better

In every Brock Built home, you’ll have access to a variety of outdoor spaces. Spend time in your own slice of the outdoors or one of the beautiful community green spaces we create throughout our neighborhoods. If you’re ready to get outside this fall, contact us to schedule a tour of our communities. You’ll find that with a Brock Built home, it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors no matter the season.