Brock Built’s Guide to Easter: Easter Decor & Celebrations

Easter symbolizes different things for people, but for most, it is a new season and a time to enjoy brighter colors and the start of warmer, longer days. If you are looking for decor and style inspiration to celebrate with your friends and family or simply enjoy your dwelling more, we have some tips and ideas to help you with decorating for Easter. 

How do you decorate your house for Easter?


You can play up on colors such as shades of green, yellow, and pink or keep things fresh with white for Easter house decorations. Add a beautiful basket, gold accents, colorful candles to your table settings, and maybe a gorgeous arrangement. Of course, a beautiful wreath outside your door will always make for a quick yet great way to add some type of decorating for Easter. That is always a way to include the entire family for Easter house decor fun too. 

Print out adorable place cards for the table with Easter themes as a quick way to turn your home into a fun place for Easter. You can even print out cute messages to leave around your home as more Easter house decor and a way to spread joy and love. Print out an Easter bingo game for a family night that can provide laughs and smiles while working perfectly with the Easter house decor. 

What are traditional Easter decorations?

Spring flowers, colorful eggs, bunnies, and baskets are common Easter house decor and decorations you will see in other places. Silver and white vases and candles are also usually seen as key pieces for decorating for Easter too. Messages and short passages that are framed and can be hung around the home also work as traditional Easter house decorations. 

When should you start decorating for Easter?

Typically, you want to have the items you would like to hang and use for your Easter house decor three to four weeks before the holiday, even if you will incorporate your spring decorations with your Easter items. Make it fun, vibrant, and beautiful while celebrating spring and the holiday. 

How do you make cheap Easter decorations?

You can grab some artificial flowers to place in vases or add them to a wreath for your Easter house decorations. You can even make your Easter wreath using floral wire, cotton, wire cutters, and ribbons. Those items can also be utilized for other outside Easter decorations and things you place inside around the vases, picture frames, windows, or doors. 

Take your favorite candles and add Easter inspiration with stickers, words, bunnies, candy to place around them, or more flowers. Purchase some cute and inexpensive napkins for dinner to easily add to decorating for Easter and give to guests during Easter celebrations. If you want to use fancier napkins, create Easter napkin rings for cheap Easter house decor that really will add a special touch to your table. 

Plastic eggs with candy can be placed around the home or outside, especially if you are entertaining for Easter. Grab a few baskets to help highlight your Easter house decor or use them for an Easter Egg hunt. Be sure to decorate your children’s baskets and let them help at home, at church, or at community Easter celebrations. Create Easter snacks and dishes by shaping them into Easter-themed bites that will not cost you much. 

Tape, scissors, glue, and markers are inexpensive items to create your Easter house decor, and it gives the younger children a chance to add to the celebration and happiness of the holiday. We surely hope you enjoy decorating for Easter! 

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