Brock Built’s Quick Tips for Getting Home Organized this Fall

Spring may symbolize a fresh, new start in a deep-cleaned space, but fall organization is the key to getting into new back-to-school routines, tossing out old, unused or unneeded items and making room for the new ones that come with the holiday season that is just around the corner. Not only will becoming more organized free up extra space, but will also help you in feeling happier by eliminating unnecessary clutter and making your new home as cozy as possible. Atlanta home builder Brock Built has several tips to help you get your new home organized this Fall: – If you don’t have a mudroom in your home, finding a space to install a shelf and hooks to hang backpacks, heavy winter coats, scarves, purses and umbrellas is a must. Adding baskets to the shelving will provide additional storage space for smaller items. Complete the project with a comfortable bench and separate bins underneath for each person in your home to have their own space for shoes, sports equipment, etc. – Football season and popular fall television series’ are kicking off, but if you’re busy looking for multiple remotes to tune in, you’re wasting valuable time to wind-down. Find a stylish vase or storage container that compliments your family room décor and store all of your remotes inside. – Clean up a messy closet by donating items you don’t wear anymore to Goodwill or other charitable organizations. Once you’ve tossed out the old, be sure that you have a storage system in place that is functional (and stylish, too)! Check out the storage space in this master closet in one of Brock Built’s new Atlanta homes. – Although the colorful foliage is beautiful while it lasts, the changing leaves will eventually start to fall into piles that will need to be raked and cleaned up. For homeowners who plan on planting a few new fall arrangements in their yards, keep everything in one place by tying a carpenter’s nail pouch to the handles of your wheelbarrow and tucking all of your essential tools into the pockets of each pouch for easy access. – Don’t store your beautiful spring and summer terracotta planters away until next year’s blooms arrive—repurpose them as kindling keepers beside your Fox Mountain Stone fireplace, great for holding split logs, pine cones and other fall-scented aromatics. – Cooler weather is a great opportunity to gather old items, toys and furniture and host your own garage sale. Not only will you make some extra cash, but you’ll free up needed space. For tips, photos and more great advice for getting organized this fall, visit the Martha Stewart website. To learn more about Brock Built’s new home communities throughout the metro Atlanta area, visit the Brock Built website or contact our office at 404-472-5707.