Closing Time: What To Expect

CLOSING TIPS Here is a guide to ensure that you prepare to close as efficiently and easily as possible. Remember to consult directly with your team of professionals to guarantee that you are fully equipped to go through a pretty seamless closing. Lastly, be proud of yourself and this major accomplishment! CLOSING DAY The day of closing means that the property will be transferred to the buyer, which is you. This will include moving funds from escrow, paying mortgage and title fees, and adding your name to the deed for the home. Closing day is when you seal the deal! WHAT TO BRING Leave early to avoid traffic or any unexpected mishaps- we want to try to be prepared for commute delays and unexpected surprises. Free your calendar for at least one hour. You want to BRING: closing paperwork, a cashier’s or certified check, proof of homeowners insurance, and a government-issued photo ID. Anyone who will have their name on the mortgage should bring identification. It may be a good idea to gather all items in an envelope or folder to guarantee you have everything. REVIEW CAREFULLY You should have your closing documents three days before closing. That is your legal right. Review them and jot down any questions you need to address before signing the papers. Look closely at your name, numbers, and any other information, ensuring there are no errors. Minor mistakes can result in bigger problems later. There may be some slight changes in fees, but no new large amounts. Kindness is always good. After closing, feel free to give your agent a token of appreciation or write a nice note or purchase a card for the sellers.