Downtown vs. Midtown Atlanta: Explore the Neighborhoods of Top Brock Built Communities

Atlanta has so much to offer, and Brock Built Homes is very invested in where we build so that you can find all you need in business, dining, family outings, health, and fun. We are committed to not only the best in designs but also location. Downtown Atlanta and Midtown Atlanta are prime areas for the city that bask in the beauty, luxury, and unforgettable memories at any time. If you are new to Atlanta or have never frequented either area to draw distinctions, keep reading! We have all the answers for you.  

Location and distance really matter when it comes to a bustling city like Atlanta. When it comes to distance, it will take you roughly 11 minutes to get between the popular and highly sought-after areas. A big question for visitors and new residents is, what is the difference between Downtown and Midtown Atlanta? Midtown gives more of a neighborhood feel that may even make you think you are not even in the city. You will find tranquil areas to relax and entertain. That is, of course, until you complete the short drive to Howell Mill, filled with shops and restaurants. You may also continue into Downtown Atlanta since it is a short drive. Downtown gives you more things to do regarding historical places and tourist attractions for enjoyment and education. Both have large and small businesses, but the government buildings are located in Downtown Atlanta.  

To give more clarity and distinction on the areas, Midtown Atlanta is considered to cover 3.8 miles and include area codes 30308 and 30309. It is between Downtown Atlanta and Buckhead. Midtown is south of Piedmont Park and consists of the business district along Peachtree Street and the area east of Piedmont Avenue. Downtown Atlanta has the zip code 30303 and brings in the sporting arenas for major college games and some professional teams, Centennial Olympic Park, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the Atlanta Visitor Information Center. That is a good place to stop by to learn more about the city as you walk or drive around to find your favorite places. Downtown Atlanta and Midtown Atlanta attract many people yearly because of the major attractions, games, concerts, and events, so living and enjoying the city means safety comes first. You will quite often see police officers patrolling or on foot in Downtown Atlanta and Midtown Atlanta. The sense of community in the neighborhoods also helps to make living and raising a family more comfortable. 

Living, working, and exploring will leave you with plenty to do on any day in either of Atlanta’s gems. You can relax at home or find many staples, upcoming restaurants, cute shops, and new artists to throw in new flavors to your Atlanta palate. Downtown and Midtown have their similarities and their unique differences. Brock Built Homes expand on what makes them special and add more charm and beauty to the already thriving parts of Atlanta. 

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