Employee Feature: Permitting Coordinator Stacy Reeves


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Brock Built’s official Permitting Coordinator, Stacy Reeves, is a busy lady! Starting at Brock Built in March 2006, Stacy served as the Administrative assistant in the Permitting department, and although her career at Brock Built hasn’t been traditional, it has been one filled with change, new opportunities, tremendous growth and success. “I knew right away that this company would be a great place to work, based on its values and the emphasis it placed on teamwork.  Unfortunately, the 2008 market conditions had other plans in store for me, which ultimately altered my course. I left the company in May 2008 and I was re-hired in February 2013 as the Sales and Permitting assistant. Due to the demands of both roles, the company hired a Sales assistant this past May and I took over as Permitting Coordinator.” What are some of your responsibilities at Brock Built? “My major responsibility is assisting my manager with obtaining building permits from various municipalities, which requires keeping up with the city and county permit requirements and processes. We are the key to starting the building process. My duties may range from, but are not limited to: prepping plans and applications for submission; interfacing with city and county officials to expedite the permit process and resolve any issues that arise; and managing and tracking multiple permits through issuance. In addition, I keep our corporate files and systems up to date with permit information. “ What do you enjoy most about your job? “I learn something new, almost every day. The homebuilding industry is such a huge umbrella and it encompasses several different tiers, so it’s great to see how all the pieces fit together and how everything intertwines. There are a lot of seasoned professionals that work here, and they take time to pass on knowledge in their respective areas. I like that everyone is committed to your individual growth and success within the company.” What makes Brock Built unique as a homebuilder? “It’s the emphasis placed on small things that makes Brock Built homes standout from other homebuilders. We pride ourselves on the details that go into our homes. We sell quality homes that are appealing to most buyers. Furthermore, it is the hint of a personal touch and care that goes into our final product. For example, the owner’s wife Evanne Brock is the Design and Marketing manager and she personally buys all the items for our new homeowner baskets and puts them together (sometimes with assistance, but often times, without). And, with all that she has on her plate, she still manages to make time for the small things. We take care in producing a quality product.” In your spare time, what do you like to do for fun? “I hang out with my five year old, Nytalia for fun. Managing her social life and planning play dates gives me entertainment! She keeps me on the go, from school to tumbling classes, to the occasional cycling in the park, and the weekly Friday dress-up movie nights! When I’m not doing those things, I try to make time for the gym, catching a movie with a friend and simply just relaxing at home.” For more information about new home communities, local events and Brock’s Built’s fantastic employees, be sure to visit the weekly blog.