Family Businesses – Why It’s Important to Support Them

Family-owned Businesses are essential to the US economy and recognized as critical participants in the modern global economy. They create jobs, they generate goods & services, and they tend to build growth-expanding, strong communities around their locations.

They Work Together

Family Businesses are historically considered to be the oldest form of business organization. Some of earliest examples in the US would be family operated farms in rural areas and in the developing towns or cities, shop or innkeepers and other service providers, who lived with their families in the same locations they worked in. Having their spouses and children around to actively help the business were essential to its success. The best modern family businesses are known for the best practice of treating their employees, customers, dealers, and suppliers like family members.

They Hire and Develop Talent

The best Family Businesses work harder to attract and hire talented people as employees. They understand that developing and grooming their staff is vitally important for long-term success. Great owners of family businesses are good at spotting potential, competence, and values in their employees. They know they want to surround and fill their company with people of great character – those people that will strive to do what’s right for the customer and the company. They do this because they want the same quality and values that they built the company around to continue on after they are gone or no longer in charge.

They Care More

Family-owned Businesses are great for the community and their customers because they tend to care more than other businesses. They are more driven to ensure their customers’ satisfaction and work very hard to achieve this because of the very personal connection family business owners and members of their family have with the company. These types of owners also plan and strategize on ways the business can be around longer than others by remaining focused on a long-term vision. This perspective includes aligning all interests towards common goals that go well beyond this quarter’s financial performance.

We’re Family

At Brock Built Homes, we’re an Atlanta family business of new home builders and community developers. Steve Brock, our founder and president, has been building homes in the local marketplace for over 30 years. Along with his top-rated and award-winning experience, he and his family have built a team that is dedicated and committed to building quality construction homes. All designed in detail and built with superior craftsmanship, at an exceptional value. To date, Steve and the Brock Built team have built and sold over 1700 homes. The visionary goal of this family business and its leader is to enrich the lives of the customers and homebuyers we touch by helping them achieve their dreams through home ownership. sources: