5 Summer-Ready Backyard Designs

The warmer and longer days usually mean more gatherings, sky gazing, outdoor dinner parties, and time to enjoy the part of the home that the colder months take away. Backyard inspiration can lead to feeling like there is a getaway at home, more relaxation, or even more stylish comfort because of these beautiful backyard ideas. Make the most of your home by making the backyard a dream come true. 


Backyard Attraction

There are so many things that can be done to make a backyard attractive, but the key is to use beautiful backyard ideas to find your niche and tell or change the story of your home style whenever you would like. Flowers, a well-crafted table, colorful patio furniture, and even a fire pit may warm your soul when it comes to backyard inspiration. A simpler look with hanging plants, a garden, a swing, and maybe a fun table that steals the show might tickle your fancy a little more. Either way, beautiful backyard ideas are for you to add your special touch. 


Patio Furniture

We understand that you spend so much time deciding and picking out pieces for your home, so you may prefer that the patio and backyard areas are easier. These tips will guide you on patio furniture ideas that match your lifestyle and will not result in more work. First, well, try it out for size. Sit on the furniture or even lounge for a moment to determine if you like it enough to have it around for a while. If you are looking online for patio furniture, try to test out similar styles, or even visit the home of someone with a set you like or feel is close to your ideal patio furniture. Patio furniture that is easy for upkeep will always be a top suggestion. Storage helps and makes entertaining easier, so consider pieces that match your backyard inspiration and the functionality you seek. Modernize older or outdated patio furniture with spray paint, slipcovers, staining the wood, and colorful accessories.


Small Space Tips

If money is not a factor, but size might be, consider placing your patio table and chairs near a fence or wall to give your backyard a more intimate feel. When looking at patio furniture decor ideas, remember that thin and narrow designs make a tighter space fee a little bigger. Add vibrant flowers and plants for more of that backyard-inspired comfort you love. Love gardening, but there isn’t much room? Use containers to enjoy it still and mix in different types and colors of plants, vegetables, and flowers for more backyard inspiration. 


Low Cost, Big Look

Lights will bring your patio furniture decor to the spotlight more and add a different feel to your backyard without breaking the bank. You can even move a rug from inside the home or get one you love to the patio for backyard inspiration that everyone will love. Grab the family and make it a day of painting a mural on a fence for time together that doubles as backyard inspiration and fun. You may consider adding paths to the backyard to give a more charming feel to your backyard and maybe even placing flowers around them for more inexpensive gorgeousness. If purchasing a pricey fountain is not on your list, create one using a pump and large ceramic planter. You might even decide to change the look of the planter over time by painting it.  



The backyard patio furniture can be moved around and covered to keep the backyard inspiration and seasonal looks going. Large pillows, throws, rocking chairs, and benches can meet your daily needs and the times you want to be cozier on chiller days. Summer may mean water-related games and fun sprinkled across the backyard, which can add individuality to the area. Deciding how to style your backyard may mean working on your own backyard design. If you want to design your backyard yourself, create a list of what your family needs and what you will use the space for, and find pictures of beautiful backyard ideas that will help make your oasis. A hammock might be calling your name or a play area just for a few of the children’s toys if a playground is not the goal. You may want to section your backyard off to decide what things are needed and where which may also help determine color schemes and seasonal additions to your backyard look. No matter what you go with, include your personality, and enjoy the process of using backyard inspiration to create pure magic.