Google Fiber – What Atlanta Needs to Know!


Actual cities and towns where Google Fiber is planning to roll out service:

Atlanta Avondale Estates Brookhaven College Park Decatur East Point Hapeville Sandy Springs Smyrna You can check your specific address with Google Fiber here. Be sure to sign up for their email notices, because even though you most likely will not initially have service available, they will let you know as service hits your address. Note that service is not rolled out yet in Atlanta, so the sign up option is your best bet to be first informed about availability in your area. At least 5 Brock Built neighborhoods are in the line of fire for this fantastic new service. Parkview II The Commons West Highlands Dupont Commons Vinings on the Chattahoochee

Residential Service, not commercial / small business:

Google’s only now rolling out small business offerings in its initial cities (Kansas and Austin). While they intend to have small business offerings everywhere eventually, right now they are only concentrating on residential and community services in Atlanta. This may change quickly though as services come online.

Limits and Data Caps!

None, zilch, nada, zero…. That’s correct! Google Fiber as of today does not have limits or caps on how much you data you can download. Not per day, per month, per quarter or any of those other bandwidth limitations you’re used to seeing from less competitive services.

The BIG question, HOW SOON?!?!?!?

Building out a fiber network takes some serious effort, so Google won’t give deadlines and dates so much as updates as things evolve and progress. It’s safe to say that the announcement in Atlanta, along with the various vans and utility trucks that have been spied throughout the city is a very real heads-up! that the service is happening quickly here. So sign-up! and tell us when they hit your neighborhood. We’ll do the same!

The Bottom Line on $$$

No pricing available just yet for Google Fiber Atlanta, but in other areas the service ranges from 0$ per month for basic service to $120 per month for Gigabit Internet and 150 channels of TV.