Holiday Home Décor – 7 Tips and Tricks

Decorating for the holidays can feel like an endurance sport. If you didn’t spend the weekend after Thanksgiving turning your house into something out of Christmas Vacation, it can feel like you missed the boat. Our tips for easy holiday decorating make it possible to add some cheer to your house in just a few minutes, whether you’ve put it off or just feel like your current decor needs a boost. Choose a few key spots where you’ll be spending time as a family to make it easier, or go all-out and maximize the cheer in every corner and room.

Check out some unique areas of your home you might not think to decorate, but will want to now:

1. Garage: Not a typical place for Holiday decoration, we know! But this year, garages offer a slightly warmer option for social distancing. A small tabletop tree can adorn a workbench and Christmas lights or garlands can bring some needed warmth. 2. Back Porch: The front of the house gets all the glory, but, in the age of social distancing, the back porch deserves some love, too. If you’ll be hosting friends or family, use extra string lights to decorate the back porch. Some holiday planters and an extra wreath can also go a long way in making an outdoor gathering feel seasonal. 3. Stairway: Hanging garland from the banister on your staircase is a relatively easy way to make a big impact. Artificial garlands can be packed up and reused year after year. To mix it up, add bows or sparkling lights to these mess-free branches. 4. Bathroom: Powder rooms may seem like an out-of-the-way spot to decorate, but their size means a few key pieces go a long way. It’s easy to add a few festive candles, a vase, and a spring of holly to the countertops or on top of the medicine cabinet. How about a mini potted tree, with or without lights? 5. Kitchen Cabinet Tops: No one wants additional clutter in the kitchen this time of year, but you can get creative: add some garland and mini Christmas lights to the top of your kitchen cabinets. This out-of-the-way spot is also a great place to put breakable decorations, like glass figurines and ceramic Christmas villages. 6. Bedrooms: A dresser top is a perfect space to set a little holiday scene. Place a favorite framed Christmas photo with a group of scented candles and tabletop decorations on top of your dresser, and your whole room will feel festive. At the end of the holiday season, you can pack up all the bedroom decor in a small box and store it under the bed or in a closet so it’s ready to go for next year. 7. Lamps: They may already be bright, but you can make lamps extra merry with a wrapping of a little garland, some holiday berries, or a festive bow around the base. Pair it with garlands on stairs, in hallways, or use it as a stand-alone alternative if you want to avoid figuring out how to hang garlands from the walls.

With these ideas on how to decorate for the holidays, you and your family will be surprised and delighted at all the extra touches throughout your home.