It’s Getting Colder: What Do I Need To Do Around The House?

The colder months signify the approaching holidays, warm meals, and more time inside enjoying your humble abode. In order to make more memories and spend less time worrying over home issues, here are some tips to prepare your house and save money as you watch the changing temperatures approach. All Around the House  Leaks do not make your list of fun things to deal with around the holidays, so be sure to remove any water from outdoor faucets and water hoses. Place the hoses inside after you roll them up as well. If you do have any pipe problems, as in ones that normally freeze, consider using heat tape to cover them.  Clean your gutters prior to winter so that water or ice will not cause leaks or dams.  Install storm windows and doors, including in the basement, to minimize drafts in the winter. Replace any stripping around all doors and windows, as needed. You may want to invest in a door sweep to eliminate drafts also.  Fireplaces are beautiful additions to a home. Be sure to have the chimney inspected and make it a point to shut off the flute after your fireplace cools enough.  Routinely call on a professional to look at your heating system before you need it regularly. If you set your thermostat to one temperature in the morning and one at night, not changing it at any other time, you can see savings. You can put on additional clothes or socks instead of constantly adjusting the heat.  If there is a reverse switch on your ceiling fan, run the blades clockwise after you turn on your heat.  The filter for your furnace should be checked often, every month in the winter, or every few months when it is operating consistently. If a light is on, that is indicating you need a new one. Please replace it soon. The manual will direct you on removing and changing it.  For cabinet doors under sinks, open them.  Check the pipes to your washing machine.  Know where your main cut-off valve is located and where you can find the cut-off key quickly.  Decor Benefits Those lovely curtains, mini blinds, drapes, and shades can provide added insulation. Close window coverings at night and when you are not home to keep the heat inside where you want it. When it is warmer, you can draw the coverings in the morning to help cool the home.

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