Exploring 2022 Kitchen Trends

Traditional real estate beliefs tell us that “Kitchens sell homes” and we have to say–we agree! The kitchen is often one of the deciding factors in a homebuyer’s decision to move forward with a particular home–or to scratch it off the list. Due to public health concerns over the last two years, more consumers are cooking at home; therefore, modern kitchen designs are more important than ever!

We’ve reviewed the most common design trends for 2022, but what about the kitchen? Renovations can be costly and time-consuming, so why not personalize your home with the latest 2022 kitchen trends from the start?

In this article:

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  2. The Gourmet Kitchen Layout
  3. Gourmet Kitchen vs. Chef Kitchen Design

2022 Kitchen Trends

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We can’t discuss 2022 kitchen trends without mentioning trending kitchen colors! Color is the easiest way to play with kitchen decor without breaking the bank–or walls. This year, trending colors include shades of green such as sage and emerald. Other nature-based colors in modern kitchen designs include sandy beige, deep-sea blue, and mushroom gray.


Another 2022 kitchen trend in colors is incorporating high contrasting shades like white and cream paired with soft black or deep emerald green.


Do double duty when you pick up the paintbrush! Many of these 2022 kitchen trends match the best living room paint colors for 2022!


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White cabinets are not going out of style in 2022–no matter what you’ve heard! Modern kitchen designs still feature white cabinets but with a twist. The 2022 kitchen trend for cabinetry is two-toned cabinets. The two-toned cabinet trend features one color for the upper cabinets and a different color for the lower cabinets and island. We’re partial to a lighter shade up top and a darker color on the bottom.


Double Islands

Just a few years ago, double islands seemed inconceivable, but now the twice-as-nice countertop spaces are considered one of the top 2022 kitchen trends! With two islands, you get more prep space, more space for bar seating, and even more space to work from home. Many double island kitchens reserve one island for food prep with a sink and the other island for dining and entertaining. Two is better than one in modern kitchen designs with more island to love!


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Open Concept Kitchen + Living Room

The open concept floorplan is here to stay–especially for main floor living. Open concept modern kitchen designs combine the kitchen and the living room into one spacious living area. Whether it’s hanging out while your partner cooks, or working from the kitchen island, this 2022 kitchen trend is all about the comfort of living in the kitchen.


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Bold Backsplash with Personality

No more boring backsplash. Personality is loud in these 2022 kitchen trends! Choose decorative tile in bold patterns and shapes to bring character to your kitchen backsplash. Tile in hexagonal shapes, textured subway tile, and varied shades of colors bring energy to kitchen decor.



Personalization is one of the most exciting 2022 kitchen trends. Each homebuyer has individual needs based on their lifestyle, and personalizing their home to fit this lifestyle will make you happy in your home for a long time! In the kitchen, personalization can happen in appliances, color choices, and countertop style. For example, a pasta chef will find a pot filler above the stovetop convenient, while a baker will appreciate double ovens to bake multiple pastries at different temperatures.


These personalized features factor into the classification of a kitchen too. Do you need a gourmet kitchen layout or a chef kitchen design? Let’s review the two.


The Gourmet Kitchen Layout

When a home’s listing claims it features a gourmet kitchen layout, it’s not just a fancy term to describe a basic kitchen. The gourmet kitchen layout goes above and beyond a traditional home kitchen to suit culinary artists who are more skilled than your average cook.

A gourmet kitchen is personalized for the culinary specialty of the homeowner. For example, a baker may require different appliances, tools, and prep space than a semi-professional pasta connoisseur.

Notable gourmet kitchen layout features include

  • A spacious floorplan with plenty of room to move around the prep and cook space.
  • A dedicated pantry space to store spices and extra ingredients.
  • High-end appliances and tools.
  • Appliances that make cooking easier, such as double ovens or a warming drawer.
  • Under-cabinet or island storage for appliances and tools.
  • A large island and countertop space to prep.

Gourmet Kitchen vs. Chef Kitchen Design

A gourmet kitchen layout and a chef kitchen design are often used synonymously in marketing a home. Still, these modern kitchen designs differ in the types of cooks they serve. A gourmet kitchen layout is much more casual than a chef kitchen design and is most suitable for the average homebuyer.

Gourmet Kitchen Layout Commonalities Chef Kitchen Design
Luxury appliances like double ovens. High-end appliances and tools. Professional-level appliances like a high-heat range cooktop.
Under-cabinet and island storage for appliances and tools. Separate pantry. Appliance and tool closet.
Large island. Spacious, open floorplan with plenty of room to move about. Prep station with a sink.
Gas cook range. Extra-large dishwasher or two dishwashers.


Does our list of 2022 kitchen trends have you craving something fresh? Tackle a new kitchen with us! Personalize your home from the ground up–including a new gourmet kitchen–in a new home from Brock Built. Contact us to schedule a tour of a new home in your favorite neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, and Florida!

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