Exploring 2024 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is a focal point of daily life, serving not only as a space for meal preparation but also as a hub for socializing and family gatherings. Personalizing the kitchen to suit individual preferences enhances both functionality and enjoyment, making cooking and entertaining more enjoyable. If you’re wondering how to make a house a home, look no further than the kitchen!

Tailoring the design and layout to specific needs, along with selecting colors and materials that resonate with personal style, ensures a welcoming and efficient space that aligns with one’s lifestyle. If you’re looking to redo your kitchen or build a new home with a kitchen that is just right for you in 2024, these are the kitchen trends to pay special attention to.

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2024 Kitchen Trends


Color is the easiest way to play with kitchen decor without breaking the bank–or walls. Ultimately, the best color for your kitchen is one that reflects your style, complements your cabinets and countertops, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for cooking and socializing. Here are some popular color options for kitchens in 2024 to get the wheels in your head turning:

Light Neutral Tones: Light neutrals create a clean, timeless look. They also make the kitchen feel more spacious and airy. We love Glidden’s 2024 Color of the Year, Limitless

Soft Blues: These colors can add a subtle touch of color without being too overwhelming. Soft blues, like Valspar Renew Blue, can evoke a sense of calmness and freshness, making it a popular choice for kitchens this year. 

Warm Earth Tones: These tones work well in traditional or rustic-style kitchens, especially shades of orange. The 2024 Pantone Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz, perfect for a fun and inviting kitchen.

Gray: Gray is a versatile and contemporary choice. It can be used in various shades to create a modern, sleek look or a more classic, subdued ambiance. Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist is one of our favorites.

Kitchen Trends: Gray

Bold Accent Colors: Consider adding pops of bold colors as accents through accessories, backsplashes, or even kitchen appliances. This allows you to incorporate vibrant hues without overwhelming the entire space. It doesn’t get much more bold than Krylon Bluebird! 


kitchen trend: bold accent


Functional Storage

Today’s modern families have a lot to keep in their kitchen, from tupperware to an air fryer and everything in between. As such, simply hiding things away in cabinets is no longer an option. Experts predict hidden spice pull-out drawers, appliance garages, and butler’s pantries will have a place in the kitchen this year.

One functional storage option we absolutely love is the floor-to-ceiling cabinet. This way, you can leave more room on upper walls for art and fun lighting moments. When you create designated storage areas, you can be strategic about maximizing design details.

Beverage Centers

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) kitchen trends report for 2024, dedicated beverage centers will be refreshing kitchens in a big way. People love to eat, and they love to drink too  — and we’re seeing that reflected in today’s kitchen. In fact, more than half of survey respondents are looking to better accommodate beverages, everything from coffee to wine, with a dedicated area featuring specialized storage and appliances.

Your kitchen’s beverage center may include appliances like an espresso machine, ice machine, and under-counter beverage fridge or fridge drawer. It is usually positioned away from the main prep area and in closer proximity to the breakfast table or seating area.

kitchen trend: beverage center

Integrated Cabinetry Lighting

This year, there’s a larger emphasis on making the kitchen as functional as possible to improve daily life. Cabinetry with integrated lighting is one example of this. Cabinetry can have layers of integrated lighting throughout the interior and exterior of cabinets, improving visibility and adding a moodier ambience. Add lighting behind cabinet doors and inside drawers, under upper cabinets and part toe kicks, and even behind cabinetry. 

Stone Backsplash 

No more boring backsplash in 2024! Especially if you opt for an earth tone paint color on the walls, a stone backsplash is a wonderful design piece to be paired with floating shelves. Showing off bold patterns and colors tells your guests you take pride in your home, right down to the stones!

By now, many of us already have stone countertops. If you love the idea of stone, you can extend the stone countertops up the wall to create a seamless, streamlined look and really showcase the beautiful design and veining in the stone.

Statement Range Hoods

If you browse social media or watch HGTV, you’ve no doubt noticed these trending more and more. 2024 is sure to be the year of the range hood! Kitchen design experts tell us that we’ll see range hoods in drywall, shiplap, board and batten wood, metal, or even brick or stone. Such an element sends a message: I take my kitchen, and my cooking, very seriously.

The Gourmet Kitchen Layout

When a home’s listing claims it features a gourmet kitchen layout, it’s not just a fancy term to describe a basic kitchen. The gourmet kitchen layout goes above and beyond a traditional home kitchen to suit culinary artists who are more skilled than your average cook.

A gourmet kitchen is personalized for the culinary specialty of the homeowner. For example, a baker may require different appliances, tools, and prep space than a semi-professional pasta connoisseur.

Notable gourmet kitchen layout features include

  • A spacious floorplan with plenty of room to move around the prep and cook space.
  • A dedicated pantry space to store spices and extra ingredients.
  • High-end appliances and tools.
  • Appliances that make cooking easier, such as double ovens or a warming drawer.
  • Under-cabinet or island storage for appliances and tools.
  • A large island and countertop space to prep.

Gourmet Kitchen vs. Chef Kitchen Design

A gourmet kitchen layout and a chef kitchen design are often used synonymously in marketing a home. Still, these modern kitchen designs differ in the types of cooks they serve. A gourmet kitchen layout is much more casual than a chef kitchen design and is most suitable for the average homebuyer.

Gourmet Kitchen Layout Commonalities Chef Kitchen Design
Luxury appliances like double ovens. High-end appliances and tools. Professional-level appliances like a high-heat range cooktop.
Under-cabinet and island storage for appliances and tools. Separate pantry. Appliance and tool closet.
Large island. Spacious, open floorplan with plenty of room to move about. Prep station with a sink.
Gas cook range. Extra-large dishwasher or two dishwashers.


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