Navy Veteran Adds to Castleberry Station’s Rooftop View with Thoughtfully Crafted Woodworking Pieces

As a part-time gig, Navy veteran – Nathan Harmon, is a skilled woodworker. His creations are designed to complement and enhance–be it rooftops, and/or the lives of those that use them. Recently, Nathan was approached by a friend to build several custom pieces for Brock Built Homes Castleberry Station rooftops, so he jumped to the opportunity to create perfect pieces for a functional outdoor space. “Having an interest in woodworking as a kid, I followed that interest into a trade. I took classes in high school and did a lot of woodworking and construction,” says Nathan. “It has always been something that I have enjoyed and something I did prior to enlisting in the military.” Due to a spinal cord injury, Nathan returned from the military, and was reacquainted with his hobby of woodworking. Nathan feels that woodworking is a challenge and gives him the ability to relieve stress. For these reasons, these opportunities have snowballed into more complicated and unique projects. “I am a quadriplegic, as a result, I am paralyzed from the chest down, so I do all my work from my wheelchair. But, I’m one of those guys that likes to be pushed to the limits, and this is one way I do it.” Starting off small, Nathan began making things for holidays, presents, or other items you might find around the house, but it didn’t take long for his talent and resourcefulness to lend way to bigger projects. Growing in his involvement at the Shepherd Center, where he completed his physical rehab following his injury, Nathan has been able to help current patients as well as participate in fundraising events, such as making items for auctions and projects for patients to complete. He continues to take on more projects, creating things like raised flower beds and playing card holders, to help others with disabilities get back to their interests.

“Because my hands are paralyzed as well, I have had to get creative in the way I approach woodworking. I have not really modified a lot of my tools, but just adapted how I use them. Most people don’t even see that as possible,” said Nathan. “It’s very hard to believe, so I go to the Shepherd Center and will demonstrate to current patients how to do the things I am doing. It’s easier and more encouraging to believe someone that’s in the same situation.” Nathan has taken outdoor entertaining to another level with his custom pieces, such as the rooftop at Castleberry Station which includes – a large coffee table for the sitting area and a large gaming table with a giant Connect Four game. Nathan also illustrated great creativity when building walls to hide stairs as well as AC units. However, out of all the customized pieces, Nathan says, “Some of my favorite pieces in the collection are the planter boxes, which conveniently allowed me to incorporate the Block Built square logo into the project.” Brock Built Homes gives a special thank you to Nathan as well as honors all who have served our country. Happy Veterans Day. Please hear more about Nathan and his project for Castleberry Station rooftop on FOX 5 Atlanta.

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