Preparing for Halloween

The end of October signifies the first of a few holidays where your home may be decorated back-to-back, or guests will be by for fun and festive moments. There are memories to be made and enjoyable moments for everyone on the horizon. Halloween is an exciting time, but also one where safety should remain a top priority. Here are a few suggestions.  Lighting It is getting darker sooner, so be sure to check outside lighting, including any driveway and porch lights for trick or treaters and your day-to-day need for proper lighting when leaving and arriving back to your home. Adequate lighting and adults doing their part to watch children can increase the chances that no one will be hurt, or cars can see everyone as they move around on Halloween night. If you do not plan to celebrate the holiday or have visitors, please leave off lights to discourage anyone from stopping by your house.  Decorations  If you have spooky creations or cute carved pumpkins inside or outside of your home, please be mindful if you use candles. It is ideal to use LED lighting, but if you go with candles, please keep all of them away from the sidewalks and anything combustible. Ensure that displays or creations are visible but also set up to where they are a safe distance from children. Keep your yard clean also to prevent any mishaps. Use friction tape on steps since they can get slippery because of fall weather, and tighten the railing if needed.   Halloween Night  To make sure it is a safe and pleasant holiday, place your cars in the garage and be sure to lock any doors that you are not in front of or able to watch. You may also want to move plants, toys, bikes, or garden hoses from the areas where people will walk or congregate. Avoid having any cords running across the sidewalk or in the path that guests will take, even outside of Halloween. It is probably the best idea to keep pets inside so that they are not frightened by the lights and sounds, children are not afraid, and your fur babies do not run into the street. You may want to create a candy chute or place the goodies at a safe distance. Of course, all while still speaking to your neighbors and visitors. Once the fun is over, use motion sensor lights to ward off any vandals or trouble since people sometimes get too relaxed during and after holiday events.  While You are Away  If you will be away, and especially with the extra volume on Halloween and possibly during community events, check your alarm system and have a trusted neighbor watch your property. Check your smoke alarms as well. You can never be too safe.  Last but certainly not least, enjoy!