Pros and Cons of Resale Homes

There is a chance that during your search for a home, you may find a previously owned home that is so charming you decide to put in an offer. The house may have all that you need, or you may feel confident that the desired changes will not break your budget. Resale homes have distinct benefits as well as potential drawbacks. Here we give some information to help you with your choice.  The Promising Pros If you are interested in making some changes, resale homes open the door to home improvement that allows a buyer to keep some originality.  Land is often more plentiful versus new properties.  The home’s location may be more fitting because it is not located in outlying suburbs but in more convenient areas that suit your lifestyle.  They often come with blinds and landscaping in place, which with a new construction property, these are typically upgrades that can add up quickly in costs.   There is the potential for lower property tax rates depending on the state.  There is a chance that a buyer can get a larger home for the same money compared to new construction.  Cons to Consider  When it comes to the age and upkeep of the home, repairs may be needed. The roof is just one of the many major things to consider.  Depending on the age of the home, some materials used at the time of the build could potentially present health concerns.  A short-term full-structure or a longer-term exterior warranty is not guaranteed, which means buyers should be prepared to purchase their own warranty, as this is something the typical homeowner wants in a home that new construction automatically gives to homebuyers.  Buyers should be ready to add in energy-efficient features themselves, like smart thermostats or dual flush toilets.  If a buyer must have the latest technology or safety features, such as advanced alarms or smart locks, they should not automatically expect those things in a resale home.