9 Questions to Ask When Viewing a House

When the time comes for a property viewing, the excitement is undoubtedly high. This could mean the closing table is getting closer. There is so much to consider, and there are questions to ask when looking at a house to ensure you are clear on what the home offers and what may be required of you if you decide to purchase. Here at Brock Built, we want to remove some guesswork and help you know the best questions to ask when looking at a house. Remember to review our list of questions to ask when looking at a home privately, or take this list of questions to ask at an open house. You can also share it with your friends and network to help them as well. 

You want first to jot down anything that is very important to you or comes to mind first before you attend a property viewing or move forward with a new construction home. Brock Built specializes in new construction homes. The questions on your list might consist of;

What are the design options? 

Will this community be close to the airport, parks, and restaurants? 

What are the details of the warranty? 

When was the home built? 

Have there been any recent renovations not mentioned in the listing? 

Newer and older homes can bring up different needs and concerns. If the home is newer, you can still ask the agent.

May I get information on the insulation and soundproofing of this home?

An older home may mean bringing up questions about the roof and any present visual concerns.

Has the roof been replaced, or are there any reported issues with the roof?

This can be a major expense. It is something you want to get information on to be an informed buyer during the property viewing or place on the top of your list of questions to ask at an open house. 

Other questions to ask when looking at a house or while at an open house: 

Any disclosures I need to know about before the property viewing?

Is there a homeowner’s association or neighborhood organization?

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