Reasons Why Buying a New Home is Better

Homeownership is such a good thing in many ways, but should you buy a new home or a resale home that is currently owned by someone else? We believe buying a new home is better for most folks and we want to tell you know why. Today’s new homes have many more features and benefits that easily outweigh the alternatives of buying used, but what are they exactly? The information that follows is full of good things to ask yourself as you learn more about why buying a new home is better and the benefits new construction homes deliver.

Why You Want It

Most homebuyers in the beginning stages of the purchasing process, are confronted with the simple questions that follow. The answers you consider are typically dependent on your personal preferences, financial position, and objectives. Most likely they will reflect the importance you place on features and benefits such as energy efficiency, functional floorplans, and interior design compared to the value of your time, budget and better understanding regarding the full costs of home repairs and home improvements. So make sure you know what you want and why you’re choosing it. What makes a newly built home right for you? Do you want a home that offers the latest in energy efficiency and design or one that’s potentially an eco-DIY project? Do you want a home that you’ve helped customize to your tastes or one that needs lots of updates? Do you want a home with open space floorplan that make sense today or do you want to start moving walls ? Do you want a home that has new paint – inside and out or one that needs to be repainted right away? Do you want a shiny new home that’s move-in ready in the next 30 days or one that will need months of time to fix up with potentially increasing replacement costs?

Advantages with New

As an Atlanta homebuyer you have several choices to make, but have you fully considered all the advantages of buying a new construction home vs. an older, used home? We know you’re planning to do lots of homework and research on the topic relative to what you’re planning, so here’s a brief overview to help you along regarding a few of the important differences that new homes deliver.

Better Energy Efficiency and Being GreenSmart®

If you care about the environment and “being green” then a newly constructed home is essentially the better option. Check out the degree of energy efficiency and conservation minded details available in a new Brock Built GreenSmart® home. Whether you want to spend less on energy bills every month or conserve and reduce your energy consumption overall, the new homes built today have to meet far tougher standards to achieve energy efficiency ratings, even more so than just a few years back. Most newly built homes, in fact, use energy certifications for covering walls, roofs, windows, doors and appliances. Resale homes don’t offer the same because they weren’t built to today’s green standards. Sure you can update elements of an existing house to improve energy efficiencies, but there will certain challenges and it’s probably more expensive than you planned. Consult with experience, local professionals.

New Design Choices

In a new home you can often participate in the design of interior features and finishes with your builder, in advance or during construction. Don’t settle for someone else’s design choices when you can select and choose what you prefer. Your new home should reflect your style, not the reverse. Older homes tend to require spending increasing amounts of money to make changes and get things more the way you’d like them to be. Some things like walls are not easily moved regarding making adjustments to older homes when trying to create today’s popular and more open floorplans. Again, consult with experienced professionals. buying a new home is better

More New This and That

Everything is new! New this, new that – including those larger, more expensive things that are part of modern home construction. Items such as the HVAC system, wiring, plumbing, roof, windows, doors, water heater, kitchen appliances, and more. Plus in new homes, most of these components come with a warranty. Check with your home builder for more details. In a used house, the same structural features and equipment, have likely been around for awhile so they may be nearing their replacement window. Warranties for the same items certainly need cost-effective considerations, as they probably have definite limitations.

Move-in ready, Less Worries

Having everything in your home all shiny, fresh, and new is a wonderful feeling. When buying a new home that’s what you will have and it won’t require months and months of ongoing workers coming and going, back and forth. Imagine that in 30 days or so you could be enjoying that wonderful feeling of shiny, fresh, and new in a move-in ready home vs. all the hassles and months of waiting to have it all done. Not to mention the associated costs and the expense of time spent dealing with fixing up an older house. Don’t forget that replacement, updates, or improvement costs over the early years of a purchasing of an existing house should be factored in as part of the true purchase price. Don’t you prefer less worries? The list below are examples of some typical expensive updates needed when buying a home that isn’t new: HVAC system replacement or repair Shingled Roof repair or replacement Exterior and Interior Painting New Flooring or hardwood floor refinishing Kitchen remodeling or refresh Plumbing updates and replacement Bathroom remodeling or refresh Major Appliance refresh and replacement

Learn More Today

The decision to buy a new home or something else is ultimately a decision made by each home buyer. We hope that this post has helped you learn a bit more about why buying a new home is better based on the benefits discussed. As Atlanta’s top-quality, new home builders and premier semi-custom home builder in Atlanta, we’ve spent over 30+ years working in new home construction. In addition to building and designing award-winning homes and communities, we also build complete custom homes. If you’re beginning or continuing your new home search, we invite you to come see the currently available, new Brock Built homes and communities we’re building in and around Atlanta.