3 Tips to Stay Organized While Packing for Your Move

When it comes to moving into your new home, an organized packing strategy is key. It will not only make the process of packing easier but also ensure you arrive at your new home knowing how all your belongings are sorted. Knowing just where to find each item will also save you time and help make furnishing your new home stress-free. As you prepare to move into your new Brock Built home, here are 3 tips to stay organized while packing for your move. Having an ample supply of moving supplies makes it easier to pack items securely for your move. credit: 123rf com

1. Stock Up on Moving Supplies

The first tip to stay organized while packing for your move is to stock up on packing supplies. Common moving supplies you might need include:

  • Various sizes of cardboard moving boxes. You can purchase these, or go to your local grocery store and ask for some of their broken-down boxes.
  • Packing tape to provide a sturdy seal for each of your boxes so they don’t come open during transport.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap to secure your delicate items and help prevent them from breaking during your move.
  • Labels and permanent markers to clearly identify the contents of each box.
  • Rope or bungee straps to secure boxes and furniture onto a trailer or inside a moving van so they don’t shift during the move to your new home.
  • If you’re not using a moving company, you may also need a dolly to help you move furniture, appliances, and boxes in bulk.

Sort through all the belongings in your home to decide whether they should be donated, recycled, trashed, or taken to your new home. credit: Sira Jantararungsan 123rf com

2. Take Time to Declutter

The next, and possibly most important step to preparing your move, is taking the time to declutter your home. Getting rid of belongings you no longer need is one of the most effective ways to organize all your possessions.  In fact, the process of decluttering your home can be a very satisfying activity, especially when it means you have less to deal with come moving day. Put a couple designated donation boxes in each room — the kitchen, family room, and all the bedrooms. Unwanted items that cannot be donated can either be recycled or thrown away. Use labels and permanent markers to clearly label each box with its contents. credit: belchonock 123rf com

3. Label Each Box

Labeling every box you pack is one of the best ways to ensure you stay organized during your next move. Start by sorting items into boxes by room. Next, clearly label each box accordingly. Aside from labeling the box with the room it belongs in, it can also be helpful to provide a brief description of the contents inside the box. This will ensure all your belongings are unpacked in the proper room and put in the exact spot they belong in your new home.

Stay Organized and Enjoy the Move to Your New Home

We hope these tips to stay organized while packing help you save time and enjoy the move to your new abode. Still in the market for a new Atlanta home? Take a look at our available inventory in Brock Built neighborhoods both inside and outside of the perimeter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more home buying tips, home design inspiration, and information about our communities.