Guide to Summer Home Designs and Decor

The warmer months are here, and one of the best places to brighten up and let the colors reign will be in your home. Summer decor ideas can be as simple or complex as you would like, but summer home decor should always be loads of fun! No matter if you are a novice or expert in summer decorating, your summer style should be a good representation of you and how you want to feel during the season.


How do You Decorate Your House for the Summer?


You can begin your summer home decor plans by finding a painting you love. It can encompass as many colors as you want, or even be black and white, and the colors you add through your lamp, plants, and pillows can be what makes the summer decorating really come to life. Flowers can always be added to the table, in paintings, or around the home to make you bloom into the summer season and with summer decorating. 


On the Go 

Summer might mean plenty of traveling or sporting tournaments, so feel free to make your summer decorating about functionality. You may have a basket in the living room or hallway that holds quick things the family needs to grab for a long day away from home or in the sun. Summer decorations for the home are all about what works for you! 


Use the Windows

Heavier or even darker window treatments may have been perfect for the winter, but now the summer home decor calls for lighter colors and maybe even less typical designs that make you think of your favorite beach getaway or beach house. You can switch out your drapes throughout the home so everyone can then come up with their summer decor ideas. If a big question for you is how can I make my house feel summery? You may even decide on switching out your coffee tables, desks, bedding, or lamps to match the changes for summer decorating that your new window treatments inspire. 


Furniture Outside Too

A shady area or covering can now mean dinner outside or happy hour at home while the sun goes down and the cooler, longer nights are enjoyed. You can include bright table settings and flowers to make summer decorations for the home extend well past the kitchen table. Your summer decor ideas have no limits or limited spaces. 

Do you have the question, how can I make my living room more summery? Here is a very simple way. You can bring a cart inside or purchase one to hold your favorite pastries and coffee each morning. That same cart can be perfect for weekend mimosas and cute glasses, wine with lunch, and fruit while gathering with the family. Add colorful napkins and plasticware to the cart. You can do any of those things while the drapes are pulled back, and the sunshine sets the day’s tone. 

Including shells on the walls or around coffee tables with bright flowers are easy ways to bring in summer home decor that matches your lifestyle. You may even have a citrus fruit bowl on the table to encourage healthy habits and welcome the sweet treats that come with the hotter days. Summer decorating ideas are used to combine or inspire you to create your own summer home decor that makes your home more memorable. 


When Should You Decorate for Summer?

Once the colder days have let up, you can begin to envision the summer sun because spring has arrived, making for a good time to add in the summer decorations for home. You may start with changing out the pillows or rug, or just go ahead and add in all of your summer home decor to lighten up the space and the mood from the drab winter. Grabbing paint and changing up furniture or vases can bring the summer decorations for home to life too. 


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