The Pros and Cons of Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is a beautiful city with plenty of career, entertainment, and leisure offerings. It is where things are constantly changing, and experiences of all kinds are endless. So, is living in Atlanta worth it? 

Georgia’s capital city is growing rapidly and has been for decades. Every major city has pros and cons, but our list of pros and cons of living in Atlanta might just convince you to make your move—and you wouldn’t be the first. In a 2023 survey, Atlanta was named the #2 “dream city” for movers after Los Angeles, CA. 

From its fair cost of living to the southern hospitality quality of life, these pros and cons of living in Atlanta will help you decide what Atlanta is like and if it’s the next city for you.

What are some of the advantages of living in Atlanta?

Improved Quality of Life

Despite the rising costs for almost everything, Atlanta is an excellent place to live to get more for your money. It is also known as an incredible place for minorities to find job opportunities in addition to offering educational opportunities at various top-rated universities. The summers are long, and the winters are usually relatively mild, making it a place where the weather is more tolerable for those who are tired of snow and colder climates. The friendly southern charm makes visitors and new residents feel at home among Atlanta natives and those who’ve made Atlanta their home.

Plenty of Things to Do

The pros and cons of living in Atlanta will, of course, come from personal preference and lifestyle factors. However, Atlanta is generally an excellent place to live for many business leaders, college graduates, singles, married couples, and families because of the parks, museums, historic landmarks, jobs, schools, restaurants, entertainment, sports, and shopping. There are often Broadway shows, big games, major tours, and sports tournaments happening every weekend in the bustling city. Since Atlanta has such fantastic, warm weather, there are also many outdoor activities in Atlanta, such as public parks, hiking, biking, and more.

Plus, when people ask, “What is Atlanta like?” we tell them about the unique community aspect that is special to Atlanta. The people are friendly, neighborly, and widely welcoming.

An Entertainment Hub

Atlanta has all the major sports teams, such as the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream, Atlanta United, and the Atlanta Braves. Famous artists make it a point to stop in Atlanta while touring, and you can even find up-and-coming artists at the many live concert venues around the city. (Did you know John Mayer started his solo career in Atlanta?!) 

If live music or sports aren’t your thing, Atlanta has many other unique experiences throughout the year, such as Broadway, comedy, art, and car shows. Top-rated restaurants and food halls are popping up constantly, adding to the city’s variety of new adventures and fun to experience.

Proximity to Major Airport and International Flight Hub

One of the significant pros and cons of living in Atlanta is transportation. The advantage is that Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, making it one of the easiest to fly in and out of, with hundreds of daily flights. It makes trips for leisure or business more enjoyable, as the airport has anything you need and can get you to almost any place worldwide, with many direct flights. Traveling is just better in Atlanta, thanks to Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta Airport. 

Growing Job Market

Atlanta has plenty to do but many jobs and economic opportunities. Atlanta is the home of 35 Fortune 1000 companies and 19 of the elite Fortune 500 companies. In addition to some of the globe’s most trusted brands, you will find successful small businesses sprawled all over the city. Atlanta’s welcoming and business-friendly job market seems to nurture the dreams of all types of people, drawing in millennials, entertainment professionals, tech employees, and those looking to grow their ideas and career goals.


What are the biggest problems facing Atlanta?

Traffic and Public Transportation Woes

With so many visitors and new residents flocking to Atlanta, the rumor of terrible Atlanta traffic is sometimes true, especially when Atlanta is hosting significant events such as The FIFA World Cup.  Besides traveling by car or highway, there is always the option of using MARTA, Atlanta’s public bus and railway system. However, it primarily serves the central city neighborhoods with little access to the suburbs.

When working and living in Atlanta, traffic concerns cause most people to live close to their jobs. Luckily, we help with that! We build new homes in Atlanta’s favorite neighborhoods inside (and outside) the city, near new and exciting retail and dining developments residents love exploring.

Hot, Humid Summers

Some like it hot, but most like to avoid scorching. Atlanta’s hot summer temperatures and the long, warm months might be a bit much for people who are used to less humidity, snow, or cooler temperatures year-round. It gets hot and muggy in Atlanta, but you get used to the heat!

Expanding Growth and Construction

Expansion of any kind can bring about growing pains. Atlanta is constantly expanding with exciting new developments, buildings, restaurants, homes, apartments, and residents. It can be overwhelming at times and a drawback for some as it causes busier roads, restaurants, and shops.

Is it worth living in Atlanta?

So now that you know what Atlanta is like, is living in Atlanta worth it? We sure think so! From the endless job opportunities to the ever-expanding list of activities to enjoy in the warm weather, we chose Atlanta as our first home for many reasons.

If you’re ready to choose Atlanta, take a look at Brock Built’s new neighborhoods popping up all over Atlanta’s favorite areas. From vibrant East Atlanta townhomes to a suburban oasis in the middle of West Midtown, we are building new homes for all of Atlanta’s residents—current and future locals! Contact our sales team to hear about our incredible incentives and find your dream house in Atlanta today.

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