The Pros and Cons of Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is a beautiful city with plenty of offerings. It is where things are constantly changing, and experiences of all kinds are endless. So, is living in Atlanta worth it? The capital city is always expanding, bringing up the pros and cons of living in Atlanta that need to be explored more for you to decide. Brock Built Homes has compiled some information to analyze the living in Atlanta pros and cons to give you valuable insight as a potential resident, visitor, new resident, or even someone who has been here for a while.

What are the Pros?

A Brief Rundown 

Despite the rise in cost for almost everything, Atlanta remains a city where you can get more for your money. It is also known for opportunities for minorities and has top-rated universities. The summers are long, and the winters are usually fairly mild, making it a place where the weather is more tolerable for some people than in many cities. The southern charm aspect makes visitors and new residents feel right at home. Speaking of homes, Brock Built has communities all over Atlanta! 

Overall Experience

The moving to Atlanta pros and cons will, of course, come from a person’s particular needs or family dynamic. Atlanta works for many business leaders, college graduates, singles, married couples, and families because of the parks, historic landmarks, jobs, schools, restaurants, and shopping. There are often shows, big games, tours, and tournaments in the bustling city. People are generally friendly and helpful. Plus, there is a community aspect that is special to Atlanta. 


Atlanta has major sports teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream, and the Atlanta Braves. Large artists are always in town for concerts, and you can catch many unique experiences, such as art shows and car shows throughout the year. Restaurants and food halls are popping up constantly, adding to the city’s variety, new adventures, and fun. 


Traveling can be seen as easier in Atlanta, with the world’s busiest airport. It makes trips for leisure or business more enjoyable, as the airport has anything you need and can get you to places worldwide. Coming back home or leaving is just better in Atlanta with the Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta Airport. 


Atlanta is the home of 31 Fortune 1000 companies and 17 of the elite Fortune 500 companies. You will also find small businesses sprawled all around the city. Atlanta seems to nurture the dreams of all types of people. Atlanta draws in millennials and those looking to grow their ideas and career goals. Atlanta has plenty to do but also a plethora of opportunities in tow. 


Cons to Consider?


There is no way to talk about Atlanta and why people flock to the city without mentioning the traffic. It can get horrendous, especially when visitors are in town for large events, conferences, or graduations. There is always the option of MARTA when working and living in Atlanta, which is why some people live close to their jobs or purchase Brock Built Homes. That often leads to having less of a hassle getting around Atlanta. MARTA, however, is not all over the metro Atlanta area. That takes us back to traffic and public transportation as cons. 


Maybe you like it hot but not scorching. Atlanta’s temperatures and the long months that stay warm or hot might be a bit much for people who are used to less humidity or a beach to break away from the warmth at any time. It gets hot, muggy, and pretty intense in Atlanta.


Expansion of any kind can bring about good things and also some growing pains. Atlanta constantly adds buildings, restaurants, homes, apartments, and residents. It can be overwhelming at times and a drawback for some. When all options are considered, it might come up as more of a con because that will bring more traffic and the potential of other problems. 

Consider your lifestyle and needs now and in the near future if you are looking at the moving to Atlanta pros and cons.

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