This Summer Find Your Perfect Brock Built Home

With move-in ready, new homes available in our communities, you can find your perfect Brock Built home today. Plus, summer is a great time to buy a new home. Long, sunny days, beautiful scenery, and neighborhoods that encourage active lifestyles are just a few reasons that make summer better when searching for a new home better. And, it’s a season full of excited buyers, looking to move which makes it a prime time to sell or trade your current home. We invite you to come and visit any of our warm, welcoming communities for inspiration and selection. Read on for more summer homebuying highlights and opportunities. The front yard of a home in Adams Vineyard

Marvel in the Mews

Our homes boast beautiful green spaces including the landscaping among our community mews. From the community vineyards at Adams Vineyard to the luscious hills of Mangêt, you’ll discover gracious green spaces throughout our communities on your new home search this summer. The trees on or near your chosen homesite will be full, providing you with privacy and shade. West Highlands is another opportunity to live in an area nestled in expansive, conservation green space. With easy access to parks, the Atlanta Beltline and trails, Brock Built homes encourage active, outdoor lifestyles.

Home Before the Bell Rings

With the kids being out of school, the ability to bring the whole family along can make scheduling your visit a little easier. You’ll also be able to see how your family will neighbor other families and dynamics. Enjoying the pool, playing outside, taking a walk, you’ll see the community come to life. And, if you choose one of our inventory homes, you could move and settle in your new home before school starts up again. Touring Mangêt is one of the benefits of buying a new Brock Built home in the summer.

The Market is Busy

Selling your current home is much easier when more people are searching for their new home. Brock Built has also partnered with Knock to make selling or trading your current home and moving into your new Brock Built home easier. The home buying process is a lot less stressful when you are confident that your current home will sell soon, so take advantage of summer’s real estate popularity.

Find Your Perfect Brock Built Home This Summer

Visiting a beautiful new neighborhood and imagining your life there is a fun and exciting experience. With Brock Built, it gets even better. Because we design our neighborhoods to be gorgeous, welcoming, and convenient. Come see one of our beautiful communities this summer and move into your dream home soon.