Tips For Your Home: Thanksgiving Decor

The holidays are always a grand time to add a little color or festive decorations to your home. With life still being a little different, Thanksgiving is a moment to express gratitude and create an environment that evokes joy and cheer. We hope that even if you are not the usual decorator that you will take a moment to add a little fun to your walls, tables, or doors. Here are some ideas to consider. Feel free to pull out the nice glasses, plates, and beautiful table arrangements if you are hosting dinner. You can keep it cozy and welcoming with candles and warm colors such as orange, bronze, or dark yellow. If you have a theme for dinner, then, of course, you want to think of and look for items that match what you have in mind. A bouquet is a great way to tie in the holidays and your personal style. You can visit your local florist or order from one of your favorites. This can be a time to make it a family activity by purchasing flowers and creating an arrangement. You may even decide to let family members change the bouquet weekly or bi-weekly. Giving everyone an opportunity to create memories. White pumpkins may be considered for additions to go around the flowers, on the table, or for the mantelpiece. The front of the home or entryway is a neat place to have fun with your Thanksgiving vision. You can grab framed quotes or words that remind everyone to be grateful or use that area to place flowers, plants, or family pictures over the years. Again, this is your chance to shine! So have fun! A beautiful wreath is a perfect way to add to the feeling of community in your neighborhood and to celebrate the holiday. That is another opportunity to make it a family project. Maybe even yearly, it can be someone else’s chance to create or pick out the design. Other home areas, such as the bathrooms and bedrooms, can get a holiday or seasonal makeover too. That helps to keep everyone in the spirit. If you have guests, cute little messages, candles, or accessories will make them feel welcomed for the big day or as they spend time with your family while life slows down a bit before and after Thanksgiving. If you plan to heat up the backyard or outside area for family and friends, use lights and cute props to set the mood of gratitude. You can also bring out disposal plates and cups that are on the fancier side to place on an outside table. You may want to use colorful napkins and even cinnamon sticks to create a warm atmosphere for a nice evening where you enjoy your favorite dishes and cocktails before or after the holiday. Thank you for all of the support from our readers and clients this year. We hope you have a wonderful holiday.